The true health benefits of candles

Have you ever wondered why so many people love scented candles? Over the years I have tried and tested so many different brands and types of candles as it forms a huge part of my relaxation routine. Life gets so busy. Sometimes, in order to completely switch off my mind from whatever the day has thrown at me, only a scented candle (or two) flickering away will allow me to truly switch off. I did wonder if it was just psychological but it turns out it is scientific! It is scientifically proven that burning a candle can have many health benefits. Scented candles that use quality essential oils can promote relaxation, reduce anxiety and stress and induce quality sleep.

The flicker of the flame and the low lighting provided by candle light creates an ambience of relaxation and calm. By using natural soy wax, it ensures that no toxins are released when burning and the air is clean, allowing any natural fragrances to circulate throughout the room.

Lavender is known to relax and calm the mind and encourage restful sleep. Mind Retreat’s Amber and Lavender candles offer a subtle yet powerful, soothing scent throw. Sandalwood is a stress reducing scent. Mind Retreat’s Australian Sandalwood has a natural, clean scent, perfect for lighting at the end of a busy day running around after children or a day in the office.

So if you ever actually needed an excuse to indulge in a luxury scented candle, knowing that it brings health benefits too makes those little treats justified. If you can’t decide which Mind Retreat scent to try first then why not try the wax melt collections so you can sample them all. They offer all of the benefits of a luxury candle too! Each scent from the signature collection has been carefully tried and tested to find the perfect blends, that not only smell unbelievable, but offer health benefits too. Anything that reduces anxiety and stress, especially in this crazy modern world that we live in, is a winner for me.


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