The journey so far…

Mind Retreat candles has been in business for nearly two whole months now and what a whirlwind it has been! Friends and family have been incredibly supportive of my new venture and the business has developed pretty quickly.

As a full time teacher and a mum to 3 energetic boys, candles are a huge part of my switch off time, helping me to wind down in an evening. I have loved scented candles forever, and having taught business for over a decade, running my own business seemed like a natural thing to do however a pipe dream at the same time. The fear of change and more importantly, failure, kept me running along on the hamster wheel. Thanks to the encouragement of some ridiculously supportive colleagues I decided to make some huge life changes. I moved jobs, still teaching but in a new environment with much less hours, and started my own candle business. I can honestly say I have never looked back. I would encourage anyone who has a vision and a dream to just go for it. Of course there are ups and downs and risks, and not everybody will be as supportive as you would like, but you really do learn the value of your friends, family and the quality of your own life. I now see much more of my beautiful boys, I get to do some school runs, I am around much more both physically and mentally and they see the drive and passion I have for my own business, which can only be a positive motivator for them to become their own successes.

In such a short period of time, my product range has grown and continues to grow, as I respond to customer requests, and my scent offering is growing too. Mind Retreat is moving in many directions, that were not part of the original plan, however each new thing I do seems to open up more opportunities.

There are now some stockists coming on board too. These are always small, independent retailers or businesses that are local. I believe so much in supporting local and working with other independent businesses to give everyone the chance to survive in a very economically challenging and uncertain time. Details of these stockists will be posted on the website very soon.

So, as I continue to work hard on developing the Mind Retreat brand and product range and spending time with my family (and of course educating the entrepreneurs of tomorrow) I will keep all of my fabulous customers updated! Thank you again for all of the support so far, it really has been incredible.

by Heather Clare, April 2019


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