The importance of being a sustainable business

One of the key values of Mind Retreat Candles is to be a natural, clean company. We only sell hand made products that are ethically produced using natural oils and waxes. Each product is hand made by myself, Heather, at home in Burnley.

Sustainable stockists

Global warming is a major issue and businesses need to be doing more to reduce their carbon footprint where possible. Here at Mind Retreat we are making some huge steps towards improving our sustainability. The end of 2019 saw us team up with a local shop called Turtlebee because they offer a refill and reuse service on food and home products. Customers bring their own boxes and tubs to weigh out the exact amount of products they need. The concept is amazing and the shop is incredibly passionate about reducing plastic waste and packaging. Mind Retreat Candles supplies them with wax melts that are wrapped in recyclable tissue paper and candles. All candles can be returned and exchanged for a refill therefore reducing the price for the customer.

What’s new for Mind Retreat?

As we have arrived in a new decade, Mind Retreat Candles have launched a refill service on all candles. Returned candles jars and lids can be exchanged for a new candle at reduced cost so the both the customer and the environment reap the benefits! The aim of the refill service is to reduce our carbon footprint whilst recycling and reusing the jars and lids.

We will continue on our quest to be kinder to the environment and are currently looking into sourcing alternative packaging for any of our products that are currently not recyclable. Our aim is to be a fully plastic free business by 2022.

So, join us in or sustainability journey and help us to reduce our waste, reduce our plastic so we can pass those cost savings onto all of our very loyal customers.


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