Spring Has Sprung!

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has certainly arrived at Mind Retreat as testing of our new fragrances is well under way. We have been experimenting with some fresh, zingy fruity fragrances ready to fill your homes with the scent of spring. If you take a look on the website, you will see the addition of Wild Mint, a brand new gorgeous scent that we know you will just love.

Wild Mint

Wild Mint is a mix of crushed mint leaves and white tea. This is a deliciously fresh scent, ideal for burning in the kitchen. As all of our wax melts are on the 3 for £10 offer, you can treat yourself to a couple of packs, or mix and match with your other favourites.


Lighter nights have arrived, milder, drier days are here and the lockdown restrictions will hopefully soon be lifting. To lift your spirits and prepare your mind, try our second new scent – Grapefruit. This is a citrus, zesty, slightly sour fruit scent. Another perfect scent for spring and also on our 3 for £10 deal.

As much as we love our candles for the cosy winter nights, we have to admit we are a huge fan of wax melts during the summer months. They are strong, powerful little cubes of fragrance heaven. With the windows open and the scents flowing throughout your home, wax melts really do come into their own at summer time.

Monthly Subscription Box

Our popular monthly boxes contain 3 different wax melt snap bars in limited edition scents. They are delivered through your door each month, an exciting little treat for yourself or a gift for your friends. Take a look on the website to subscribe today.

Keep checking our blog for new product and fragrance updates as we approach the long awaited summer!

The Importance of Mental Well Being

Taking care of you!

Everyone knows you need to exercise and eat well to stay healthy don’t they? We see the news, we hear Jamie Oliver promoting healthy eating is schools, we see celebrities promoting health and exercise, it’s everywhere we look. The government have taken steps to encourage us to lead healthier lifestyles. But how do we know we are taking care of our mental health too?

Mental health and well being is just as important as taking care of the rest of our bodies. Too many people suffer a silent struggle, afraid to ask for help as it is seen as a weakness. Yet if you felt physically ill you would go and visit the doctor wouldn’t you?

Mental well being

Mind is a charity that offers a wide range of support for people suffering with their mental health. Throughout September, Mind Retreat Candles will be donating 10% of all website orders to Mind charity. This is because Mind Retreat Candles truly believes in the importance of self care and looking after your mental well being.


The whole ethos behind the brand is about taking time out for you. The scented candle range is designed to promote a sense of calm, relaxation and well being. The oils used in the scented candles and wax melts are luxurious and high quality, and are chosen for their ability to relax you. The soy wax that is used in the products is a sustainable wax and offers a much cleaner burn than many other waxes, which results in a less toxic environment in your home when burning candles. Fragrances have a way of evoking memories. A certain scent can transport you back to an amazing holiday or place in time. These happy memories, can increase the level of happy hormones in your body, in turn improving your mental well being and mindset. Try the Paradise candle  from Mind Retreat Candles if you want to reminisce of faraway shore s or that perfect holiday. The smell of cinnamon often triggers memories of the festive season and being surrounded by family and friends. Lavender can promote sleep and bergamot can reduce stress levels.

Self care is important

The ability to relax and switch off from the world is key to a healthy mind. Having a self care routine is so important. Many of us get bogged down with work, children, school runs, house work, seeing family and friends and at times it can become too much to cope with. There is often a guilt associated with taking time out for yourself. This guilt then results in you working harder and the time for self care just does not happen. If you don’t take care of yourself and allow yourself some time out on a regular basis then you become over whelmed with life in general.

Whether it is going for an evening walk, a run, a massage or spa day or simply locking yourself away with a good book and a relaxing candle, make sure you prioritise this in your week. Meditation and yoga are also wonderful ways to promote relaxation and well being.


If you are struggling emotionally or would like to access some support, visit the Mind charity website for more information. Make yourself a priority, buy that treat for you, take some time out, switch off from the world and lose the guilt of it. It will change your life and your mindset.

Are Candles Good For The Soul?

Switching off 

When do you burn a candle? For me It has to be the right time of day, usually early evening. The room I’m sitting has to be clean and tidy. The kids need to be in bed and their toys out of sight.

Now I can relax. Switch off from the world and recharge from the hectic day before me. The flicker of a candle flame is said to promote a sense of calm and well being. Throw in some certain oils and you can almost create your own little spa or haven. But why? Why are candles good for the soul?

For the love of candles

Back in time, candles were the only source of light. They provided a much needed security from the darkness. Candles are used in church and can be very spiritual. They are lit at christenings, on a Sunday service, at Christingle (one of my only visits to church each year but I absolutely love it!) and often in remembrance. Candles are lit on birthday cakes and used as a celebration. They are in the middle of tables at restaurants and weddings. In fact, when you think about it, candles feature in a lot of our every day life, particularly when we are celebrating!

The flicker of a flame can instantly promote a sense of calm and well being. This is their main reason for being used in a spa or health retreat – they are perfect, flickering away whilst you indulge in a relaxing massage. That flicker can be quite mesmerising.


Purchasing a candle for the home is a way of bringing that sense of relaxation and positivity into your own environment. The use of certain oils in candle making has meant that not only can the ambience of a spa be recreated in your very own lounge, but the scent of one can ignite those memories and promote calm and relaxation whenever you choose.

Mind Retreat candles offer a range of fragrance oils that have been specifically chosen to promote relaxation and invoke positive memories. For example, Mind Retreat’s Amber and Lavender is a sleep inducing fragrance. When burnt in the evening before bed, the soothing lavender helps with relaxation and inducing a restful sleep.

Calming scents by Mind Retreat

Paradise by Mind Retreat is just that. A truly beautiful fragrance reminiscent of holidays and faraway shores. Burning this at any time of day can instantly transport you to memories of blissful summer days.

Mind Retreat Candle’s Thyme, Olive and Bergamot is a true spa experience. Research shows that Bergamot, when used in oil form, is proven to naturally reduce stress and anxiety. Mix this beautiful citrus fruit with Mediterranean olives and the fragrant herb of thyme and the result is an unbelievable spa type scent.

Mind Retreat Candles offer a wide range of fragrances, each one is hand made using the highest quality oils and soy wax, The scent throw is unbelievable and if you are looking to turn your own space into your own little relaxing haven, I think we can definitely agree that candles are truly good for the soul.

Visit Mind Retreat Candles and browse their scented candle collection. Bring a little piece of relaxation into your own home. I promise you won’t regret it.


From Classroom to Candles


Starting out

Mind Retreat started in my home kitchen in Burnley, Lancashire. There were many reasons behind the launch of the business but I never expected it to grow so quickly and become a thriving business.

As a busy lecturer at my local college and a mum to three boys, time for anything else was not really an option. One day I decided to make it an option and made some huge lifestyle changes.

Scented Candles

Candles have always been something I have invested in over the years, and despite buying all of the major brands and receiving many candles as gifts over the years, I never quite found one that gave me the powerful scent throw I wanted. We were gifted a beautiful Coconut and Lime candle for our wedding 5 years ago. I adored the scent and the hot throw was amazing. Once I had finished the candle I tried to source another but found it was discontinued. I tried many smaller brands too but still never found the ‘right’ candle for me.

Lots of candle testing!

When discussing our future career plans one day in the office with my lovely team, the suggestion was made that I should start my own candle company. It seemed a crazy suggestion at the time, however once I started to research the candle making process, I was hooked. I joined some supportive candle groups on Social Media and through lots of money, time and testing, I perfected my small candle range. Five signature scents to cater for different scent palettes.

The candle testing process is long and there were many times I almost gave up. The science involved in candle making along with wicking, choosing the right wax, sourcing quality oils and all of the other factors that affect the perfect candle, was enough to blow anyone’s mind. Not to mention the legal aspects such as CPL labeling, UFI registrations, insurance….the list goes on.

All about fragrance

I sourced my own Coconut and Lime fragrance oil that smelt incredible. It was the first candle I ever poured and to this day is still one of my personal favourite scents.

Anyway, once I found the perfect technique and wax, wick and oil blends, Mind Retreat was born. Choosing the brand name was actually the easiest part. For me, lighting a candle symbolises my down time. It’s the time of day when I try to unwind and switch off the stresses of the day. It’s a time for head space and to retreat my mind from all of the days thoughts.

In the beginning, I was lucky to have some very talented friends who helped me with the technical aspects of developing a website, setting up an Etsy shop, the relevant business social media pages and taking some beautiful product photography. I am forever grateful for their support (you know who you are!).

Wax melts and more

As Mind Retreat grew (rapidly) I moved from the house into my own workshop, which is the perfect space for not only storing all of my supplies and making the products, but also provides me with the space to run my own ‘pop up shop’. I opened the doors to my first pop up shop last week and it was just brilliant. I will be looking to host more of these in the future. Candles are hard to smell on the screen so it was great for my customers to come and test out new scents and smell the full range.

The rapid growth meant that the website needed developing to a fully functioning eCommerce site. Burnley based company Wow Design came on board and built us a brand new website that went live this month. I could not be happier with the final results.

Rapid growth

Over the past 6 months we have seen significant growth in our monthly subscription boxes, which are hand wrapped and boxed each month by my lovely auntie and uncle who have mastered the art of it! Our product range is ever growing, as is our list of fragrances. And with Christmas just around the corner, festive planning is well underway.

I am so grateful to the customer base that we have and to the support received so far. I hope you will all continue to follow us on our journey to see where the future takes us.