The Importance of Giving Back

2020 has been a year like no other. The global pandemic has impacted absolutely everyone, whether on a personal level or through business. So many businesses have had to close their doors and redundancy levels are the highest they have ever been.

Many charities saw the impact from a significant decrease in fundraising events due to social distancing and limits on numbers allowed to gather. At Mind Retreat Candles we believe it is important to support local charities and give back to the community. Not just in times of need, but always.

Growth and Success

2020 has been a turning point at Mind Retreat. The new website was launched, the monthly subscribers to the wax melt subscription box tripled and the Christmas gift collection sold out time and time again. It certainly wasn’t an easy feat trying to meet the rising demand for local business. We are unbelievably grateful for the support our customers have shown us, through what has been an incredibly tough year for most. The business may have grown but it certainly hasn’t been without it’s challenges.

Out of Wax!

The candle industry as a whole has had it’s own share of problems. Wax has become almost impossible to get hold of and supply is struggling to keep up with demand. Many of the raw materials used to develop the fragrance oils have become impossible to source, resulting in certain fragrances being discontinued. Sourcing glass has also become a whole new challenge in itself. As a result of this, candle companies have had to become pro active to the situation and change many of their product lines and fragrances. Once wax and other products have become available, prices are higher and stocks levels are still incredibly low. The hard work going on behind the scenes to keep candle businesses running and their customers happy is incredible. We have managed to keep stocked and fulfil all of our orders throughout the festive period and are now ready for a huge restock for the new year.

Supporting Charity

As Christmas approached, Mind Retreat Candles decided to run a charity Christmas raffle to raise money for the Pendleside Hospice. The hospice is located in Burnley, our hometown, and serves the whole community and their families. As a charity, it relies solely on fundraising to remain open and continue to offer the essential services that it provides. We produced a total of 12 raffle prizes, all gift wrapped and delivered, totalling a value of over £200. We launched the raffle on our Facebook page and ran it for 3 days, managing to raise a massive £726.00 for the Hospice. We are unbelievably grateful to everyone who bought tickets for this incredible charity. We can’t wait to raise more funds for them throughout 2021.

Jordan North, the I’m a Celebrity runner up, Radio 1 DJ and local lad from Burnley, is an ambassador for the Pendleside Hospice and continues to support the charity. He recently raised over £2000 in a live Instagram Q+A about his time in the Castle.

Giving Back

At Mind Retreat we believe it is so important to give back to the community, especially at a time like this when community is what has got everyone through the past year. We will continue to support Pendleside Hospice, and other charities where we can, not only to thank them for what they do for our community, but to thank people for the support they have shown our business too.

Happy New Year!

As we leave 2020 behind, counting our blessings and hoping for a much better 2021, with a vaccine rolled out and the hope of a return to some sort of normal, Mind Retreat Candles would like to wish all of our customers, friends and family a Happy New Year.