Mental Health Awareness Week

As Mental Health awareness week draws to a close, I think it’s important to reflect on your own mental wellbeing and those around you.

Global Pandemic

If a global pandemic isn’t enough to test your sanity and resilience then I don’t know what is! The past year has been almost been a blur. Did we really lockdown all businesses and schools and all stay home? It’s something I never though I would experience in my lifetime. However, the experiences and the lessons learned from the past year have changed many lives forever.

Mental Health Crisis

As we start the journey back to normality, thanks to the incredible vaccination programme delivered by our unbelievable NHS, we truly are entering a mental health crisis. Loneliness, a lack of support, lack of human contact, lack of routine….the list goes on when considering the contributing factors.

It’s more important than ever to check on loved ones, even if they ‘seem ok’. You never know what their lockdown experience brought for them. There is a lot of support available to help, but sometimes it’s the smaller things that can make the biggest difference.

Top Tips to Support Your Own Mental Health

  1. Fresh air! Get as much of it as you can – go for a walk, be with nature, sit on a park bench for ten minutes, anything that let’s you be outdoors.
  2. Take a relaxing bath.
  3. Meet a friend for coffee.
  4. Read a book – escapism really does take your mind of your current situation
  5. Take a digital holiday! Stay off social media and news for 48 hours – see how much more positive you feel when you don’t hear negative news.
  6. Surround yourself with positive people.
  7. Laugh! Watch your favourite film or TV show, or call up your funniest friend.
  8. Take regular exercise – walk, run, jog, swim…..just get active.
  9. Set yourself a challenge – have something to focus on achieving.
  10. Be kind to yourself.
  11. Light your favourite Mind Retreat Candle….sit down and relax.